Welcome, one and all!

After years of convincing myself that there is nothing interesting enough in my life to blog about, I finally caved in and got my very own blog. I will probably be playing around with the design for a bit before I finally find something that I like.

A bit of background info: My name is Ashley. I was born in 1987 in Virginia. As of August 2012, I am in the Masters of Library and Information Science program at the University of Alabama.

So, what should you expect from this blog? I am not really sure. I will likely end up reviewing products that I enjoy, complaining about the current political climate, bemoaning my massive load of coursework, detailing my fabulous and fun-filled vacations (of which there will be very few – broke grad student and all that), a dash of craftiness, and maybe a few stories from the Madhouse (also known as my job). Oh, and pictures of my cat and rabbit. Everyone likes cat and bunny pictures, right?

There should be a little something for everyone, so thanks for checking out the blog!


10 thoughts on “Welcome, one and all!

    • Yes, of course! The entry has been edited to include him. Let’s not tell him that I originally forgot him, okay? He may get his revenge by chewing through my laptop chord and peeing in my favorite shoes.

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