It’s Been Twenty Years Already?!

Many things in my life tend to gather dust. Despite telling myself that I will use kitchen gadget or piece of exercise equipment, it inevitably ends up abandoned in some corner of my apartment.

My life has been weird for the past year. I uprooted myself and moved to a new area for a job opportunity in January, but then real life walloped me right in the face. I suffered some major personal losses, as well as a nearly debilitating bout of severe anemia that has hospitalized me twice since March – both times just barely avoiding a blood transfusion. I admit it; I am tired. I am bone-weary. I made some really good decisions and some really bad decisions in 2015 (although, interestingly, the best decision would not have been possible without the worst decision), and I am trying to maintain a degree of optimism that 2016 won’t hit me as hard.

Even though the illness and other issues have knocked me almost down and out, I still have good moments. During those moments, I tend to go through my apartment and find some dusty thing, wipe it off, and put it back to use. One time it was a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five¬†that I haven’t read in years. I also dusted off a video game and took it for another spin. I even cleaned off my hand mixer and made a home-cooked meal for the first time in ages. Even though it has come dangerously close to a lost cause, I am now going to dust off this blog and see what I can make of it.


It’s Been Twenty Years Already?!

I might be a baby of the eighties, but I am a child of the nineties. I had just turned two when we went into 1990. That decade was full of pop culture that still holds a special place in my heart – especially the music. All of it – the grunge, the hip-hop, the nu-metal, the Jazzercise dance music, the silly pop.

Skipping forward a few years, I got a LiveJournal in mid-2002. It was back when you had to have a code to join, and I had been trying for ages to snag one. My LiveJournal was full of exactly what you would expect from a melodramatic 14 year old in the transition from middle school to high school – whining about my parents, angsting over friend fights, and frequently typing out, “MUSIC = LIFE!”. I have locked it down so the general public cannot stumble upon it and relive my embarrassing teen years, but I kept it up there to occasionally revisit and reflect on how much time has passed. I cannot believe it has been nearly 14 years since I started that silly little online journal.

Thinking about that got me further down the “It’s been how long??” rabbit hole. This is my 10-year high school reunion year. How have I been out of high school for 10 years? How was 2006 a whole decade ago? I am still thinking the nineties were 10 years ago!

All of this is to say that 1996 was 20 freaking years ago. The albums that came out in 1996 are just a year shy of being able to drink. If these albums were human, they might be in college, or married, or still living at home smoking cigarettes and sneaking their parents’ booze until they are old enough to buy their own.

So, join me as I marvel at the fact that these albums will be turning 20 at some point this year. All information and photos were gathered from Wikipedia (so while I hope the release date information is accurate, it may be off a bit), and all music videos are from YouTube. I chose to focus on the radio singles since that is how I was introduced to all of these albums, but there are plenty of good songs that were not released as singles. Despite my parents’ best effort, I went out of my way to listen to music with those Parental Advisory stickers, so be aware that some of these songs posted have some language. ¬†Enjoy feeling old!

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